What clients are saying:

“Dina is priceless. I depend on her a lot and would most likely be lost without her. She is very professional, very efficient and most of all very trustworthy …she is an asset to my life.”

– Toni Azinger, wife of Professional Golfer Paul Azinger, Bradenton, Florida

“I am a single woman who works full time…I have a lot of bills and papers and financial records, about eight months’ worth… I am in the military and there was a lot of military paperwork also. Dina had a system that is tried and true and organized it all for me. She worked extremely hard; in fact, I had to make her take a break. …She is extremely trustworthy…”

– Lisa S., nurse anesthetist, Sarasota, Florida

“I called Dina because I felt she could help make my life easier, and she has done just that! …she works quickly and quietly, blending into our environment. Her system allows me to easily find the information I seek. She is very successful doing exactly what her name says—organizing easily. She is extremely efficient in handling her time and her clients.”

– Martha B., real estate broker, Sarasota, Florida

“I would trust her with anything that I have. She has organized every room in my home. Phenomenal, reliable, caring, and courteous. She is a must for us, especially around tax time.”

– Judy H., Fort Myers, Florida

“…professional, efficient, charming, and a dream to work with.”

– Sheila M., Atlanta, Georgia

“One of a kind office assistance…honest, fast in her work, caring, and reliable.”

– Richard K., retired, Sarasota, Florida

“I was just sitting here at my home office making some client calls and enjoying how relaxing (i.e. organized) it is. In the last few weeks, I have worked more in my home office than I have in the last several months. It’s a joy to be in here as it’s not so chaotic. I can’t thank you enough…”

– John L., Certified Financial Planner, Dallas, Texas

“… amazing! I can’t say enough good things…and I was always pleased with the end result.”

– Rachel M., author, film writer, Sarasota, Florida

“…great integrity and talent. I will be forever grateful…”

– Cathy H., Dallas, Texas

“… absolutely fantastic…not only does she come in and organize your home but she provides feedback and suggestions on how to make your space function better…”

– Judy H., Sarasota, Florida

“…extremely organized, can work independently, and I can depend on her to follow through to ensure the job gets done…”

– Joyce N., Newman Group, Inc., New York City