Your friendly professional organizer in the Fort Myers & Cape Coral areas of Florida

Home and Office Organizing Services. Enjoying peace of mind in a neat and tidy space is easier than you think. All you have to do is consult a professional organizer. In the Fort Myers & Cape Coral areas of Florida, I help clients locate important papers and valuables, improve productivity, and eliminate stress. There’s nothing like the sense of relief and confidence that comes with knowing your affairs are in order. Homes become more beautiful, and hospitality becomes effortless. Offices become more productive, and creativity flows from the calm. I’m ready to transform your space into the relaxing haven it was meant to be.



Easily Organized will create foolproof, easy-to-use filing systems for your home and office, allowing you to manage paperwork, files, and valuable records with ease.

Paper Management

Easily Organized has been trusted for years by many of its clients to manage personal and financial paperwork and assist with income tax preparation.


Easily Organized can assist in the decision-making process in regards to paperwork and belongings during life transitions such as illness, divorce, bereavement, and moves.


Easily Organized can and encourages clients to establish periodic weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual sessions to maintain and refresh your spaces and filing systems.


As a professional organizer for over twenty-plus years, I am confident to say that I can work with anything, no matter what the mess. My skills are perfect for paper management, downsizing, life transitions, or for when you’re just tired of avoiding your space because of how cluttered it is. Once finished, I’m happy to provide regular revisits to ensure the filing and home management systems we come up with are still working for you, so the clutter does not come back. Check my testimonials page to learn how I’ve helped others and what I can do for you.

Creating order in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area, and surrounding Lee County communities. Also serving current and new clients in Sarasota County.

Dina Taylor